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Mobility-impaired travelers

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Passengers with Limited Mobility
Parking Facilities

The airport provides designated parking spaces for people with disabilities.
Parking is free for the day for persons registered as disabled in Taiwan.


Wide ramps are provided for wheelchair access to pedestrian walkways and roads.
Designated wheelchair lanes are provided on walkways to the Skytrain platforms.
Elevators and powered ramps are provided at various locations in the airport.

Wheelchair and Assistive Services

Ground service personnel can assist disabled passengers during arrival and departure, with tasks such as pushing wheelchairs, carrying luggage, and passing through security, passport and customs controls.

Public Telephones

Some public telephones are installed at reduced height for easy access by people with disabilities.

Courtesy Counters

There are courtesy counters at the bus ticketing counters to provide bus ticketing services to passengers with limited mobility.


Disabled access restrooms are available.

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