Taoyuan International Airport’s first CSR Report won the TCSA Transportations Industry Gold Award

Taoyuan International Airport Corporation, Ltd (referred to as TIAC) has published the first Corporate Social Responsibility Report (referred to as the report), which is compiled with international standard – GRI standards, and is verified in accordance with AA1000 and ISAE3000 Assurance Standards. TIAC is in great honor that the report wins TCSA Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award for Corporate Sustainability Report - the Gold Award in the Transportation Industry, showing that how TIAC's efforts and achievements in compling corporate social responsibility have been widely recognized by the society in Taiwan.

Jerry Dan, President & CEO of TIAC, said that TIAC has performed well in ESG aspects. In terms of airport operations, the number of passengers reached a record high in 2019, reaching 48,689,372 passengers and a cargo volume of 2,182,342 metric tons. The cargo volume was ranked 8th in the global according to the Airports Council International (referred to as ACI) evaluation. As for aspect of the environment, TIAC actively promotes energy saving and carbon reduction work between the contractors. As a result, TTIA received a Level 3 Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA) and the top-ranked (Platinum) prizes in the Asia-Pacific Green Airports Recognition program from ACI. For the aspect of employee care, TIAC considers the corporation cultures and creation of a happy workplace, so we also won the Happy Enterprise Awards hosted by 1111 Job Bank. As for the aspect of the community, TIAC has already provided resources in Social Welfare, and the most important tasks were the prevention of African swine fever and COVID-19. TIAC will continue to cooperate with national policies, conducting rigorous lines of defense against the pandemic, and examine any details of epidemic COVID-19 prevention work with the highest standards.

Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA) is composed of an impressive judging pool of 668 members sharing in the evaluation work with the objective, fair, honest, and transparent process. Therefore, it is honor to TIAC that the first corporate social responsibility report can be recognized. In the future, TIAC will be committed to our corporate social responsibility with five sustainable development goals as the main mission, and realize the vision of " Create the Glory of the National Façade and Make TTIA a Gateway that Connects the World with Heart” !

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2022/01/19 03:01