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Information Security Countermeasures

In order to achieve the purpose of network security and ensure this service can continuously serve all network users, this website provides the following security protection countermeasures.


  1. Use network intrusion detection system to monitor network traffic and ensure those who try to upload or change or purposely damage web page without authority.
  2. Install firewall against illegal intrusion, damage or steal or damage data to avoid website illegally used as well as protect user¡¦s rights and interests.
  3. Install anti-virus software and regularly scan to provide a user with more secure environment to browse web page.
  4. Irregularly simulate hack attack, exercise the system recovery procedures when a secure event occurs, and provide appropriate security defense level.
  5. Regularly back up all data to backup host.
  6. Automatically receive all security e-mails sent from related system or application suppliers, and install appropriate modification program according to e-mail suggestions.


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