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Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport promises to absolutely respect and protect your personal privacy, please carefully read privacy protection policy in this website. Because this policy could be modified anytime, please regularly inquire.


Data Collection:
When you apply for on-line service, this website will request you to provide specific data by the items for verification or contact.
For example, full name, ID number, telephone, e-mail and address (depend on the items)

Data Analysis:
This website will keep relevant records generated by the system when a user browses or inquires on Internet. For example, IP address of user’s computer, browser, time and record.
This part of information is used for statistic analysis only to improve and estimate the basis of content and system, not to analyze individual user.

Data Share:
This website will not arbitrarily expose, sell, exchange or transfer your non-exposed information to the third party unless approved by you or regulated by law.
If a user is investigated due to crime suspect by the judiciary, this website will cooperate and provide the information related to a user.

Website Link:
This website could provide network link with other websites. A user can click to enter other websites via a link provided by this website. However, this website doesn’t protect privacy when a user links to other websites.


If you have any opinion or question, please Email Us

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