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Transit Security Control

Transit Security Check

  When going through the security control, if possible please carry with you a sealable transparent plastic bag. Before passing through the metal detector gate, please remove all metallic items from your person and place them in the plastic bag, then place the bag into a tray to go through the X-ray inspection machine together with your carry-on luggage.


Carry-on Luggage Regulations:

  • Any container holding liquid, aerosol or gel products carried on a passenger’s person or in carry-on luggage must not exceed 100 milliliters in capacity.
  • For each passenger, all liquid, aerosol and gel containers must be placed in a single resealable transparent plastic bag of not more than 1 liter capacity. After all such items are placed inside the bag, the bag must be fully sealable.
  • Each passenger may carry only one such bag of liquid, aerosol and gel products. When passing through the security control, please take the bag out of your carry-on baggage and place it in a tray for visual and X-ray inspection by security personnel.
  • If you are carrying infant formula, breast milk, baby food, or infant medications for a baby that is traveling with you, or you are carrying liquid, aerosol or gel products for diabetic or other medical needs during your journey, please first consult your airline, and when passing through the security control declare such items to the security personnel. After approval by security personnel, such items are not subject to the above restrictions.


  Different regulations than those stated above may apply to certain destinations and airlines. Before traveling, please consult your airline or travel agent for details of relevant restrictions.

  The United States Transportation Security Administration (TSA) classes lighters as prohibited items. Therefore passengers boarding any flight bound for the USA or flying with any US airline may not carry lighters in checked or carry-on luggage.

  To avoid violating local laws, passengers traveling to Hong Kong or transferring between flights in Hong Kong are requested not to carry in their checked or carry-on luggage items such as electric shock weapons, teargas, bullet-shaped souvenirs, switchblade knives, or flares.

  After passing through the carry-on luggage security control, passengers are free to use the departure lounge facilities and shop in the duty-free stores, but please be at your boarding gate no later than 40 minutes before your flight departure time.

Service numbers

Terminal 1: +886-3-398-2433

Terminal 2: +886-3-383-3042

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