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Customs Declarations

Checked Luggage

Please attach a baggage tag to your luggage. Go to the check-in counter to complete check-in procedures and check in your luggage. Make sure that your luggage has successfully passed through X-ray inspection before you leave the check-in area. (Please take good care of your checked luggage receipt. You will need the receipt to file a claim with your airline if your luggage is lost.)

  • Airlines may have their own rules for checked luggage. For details please contact your airline.
Carry-on Luggage Regulations

Hand luggage carried aboard aircraft by passengers must be within the following the dimensions:
length 56 cm, width 36 cm, height 23 cm. For other regulations regarding luggage please contact your airline.
Lithium Batteries
Carry-on Luggage Security

Customs Declarations

For any inquiries regarding departure customs declaration procedures or items carried as luggage, please contact the Customs service counter.

Please click Taipei Customs Office for more detailed information on customs clearance.
Service numbers: Terminal 1: +886-3-398-2308; Terminal 2: +886-3-398-3428.

Animal and Plant Inspection and Quarantine

Passengers wishing to take animals, plants, or related products out of Taiwan should first visit the departures office of the Bureau of Animal and Plant Inspection and Quarantine for export inspection.

Service numbers

Terminal 1: +886-3-398-2264
Terminal 2: +886-3-398-3373



  1. No traveling with other people's luggage. You might be charged with drug trafficking. Drug trafficking is punishable by death or life imprisonment in Taiwan.
  2. To avoid violating local regulations, please do not carry stun guns when flying to or transferring from Hong Kong.
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