Special Needs

Special Needs

Passengers with Limited Mobility
Parking Facilities

The airport provides designated parking spaces for people with disabilities.
Parking is free for the day for persons registered as disabled in Taiwan.


Wide ramps are provided for wheelchair access to pedestrian walkways and roads.
Designated wheelchair lanes are provided on walkways to the Skytrain platforms.
Elevators and powered ramps are provided at various locations in the airport.

Wheelchair and Assistive Services
  1. Wheelchair rental service is available for people with disabilities, elderly people, and pregnant women at the information counter in the Departure Hall. This wheelchair service is available only outside of the restricted area.
    Please contact our information centers for rental.
    Terminal 1 Information Counter in departure: +886-3-273-5081
    Terminal 2 Information Counter in departure: +886-3-273-5086
  2. Ground service personnel also provide assistance for wheelchair use, baggage carrying, and clearance services.
    Should you have any needs, please contact your airline.
Public Telephones

Some public telephones are installed at reduced height for easy access by people with disabilities.

Courtesy Counters

There are courtesy counters at the bus ticketing counters to provide bus ticketing services to passengers with limited mobility.


Disabled access restrooms are available.

Passengers Travelling with Infants
Baby Care Rooms

The airport has independent baby care rooms with diapers in various sizes, drinking water dispensers, and washbasins.
Baby changing stations are available in some restrooms for changing babies’ diapers.

Nursing Rooms

Baby care rooms include a private nursing room for breastfeeding.

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