Animal and Plant Quarantine Inspection

Travelers are strictly forbidden to bring the following items into Taiwan:
Fresh fruit and vegetables.
Plant or animal products for which prior authorization has not been obtained (includes live animals, meat products, live plants).

Any person bringing animals, plants, or their derivative products into Taiwan should go to the animal and plant quarantine counter to complete quarantine inspection procedures.

If you wish to bring any item of agricultural produce into Taiwan, please telephone the Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine.

Service numbers

Terminal 1: +886-3-398-2264
Terminal 2: +886-3-398-3373


  1. No traveling with other people's luggage. You might be charged with drug trafficking. Drug trafficking is punishable by death or life imprisonment in Taiwan.
  2. To avoid violating local regulations, please do not carry stun guns when flying to or transferring from Hong Kong.
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