Luggage Services

Luggage Services

Luggage Claim

After going through passport control, please proceed to the customs lobby and wait at the luggage claim area to collect your luggage.

Luggage Claim
Luggage Claim
Bonded Luggage Service (24 hours)

If you have luggage that you do not wish to take through customs, you may deposit it at the bonded luggage counter for collection on departure.

Weight Charge
Up to 12 kg NTD$200
12–22 kg NTD$250
23–32 kg NTD$300
33–42 kg NTD$400
Over 42 kg and high-value items NTD$500
Left Luggage and Packing Services

Left luggage and luggage packing service counters located in Terminals 1 and 2 provide left luggage service and home collection and delivery services.

Service hours: 06:00–23:30

  Terminal 1 Terminal 2
Location North side of arrivals hall, 1st floor (1F) South side of arrivals hall, 1st floor (1F)
South side of departures hall, 3rd floor (3F)
Service number +886-3-255-2233 +886-3-255-2290
19.9°C / 67.8°F
2021/11/28 02:00