National Highway / Freeway Navigation

In order to facilitate more timely journeys to the airport, there are national highways/freeways leading directly to Taoyuan International Airport. The following routes are listed as a reference for travelers driving to the airport.

  • Entrance route: take National Highway 1 and connect to National Highway 2 → Dayuan Interchange → Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport
  • From Dayuan, take Provincial Highway 110 to the airport → Dayuan Interchange → Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport
  • From Provincial Highway No.4 → To Nankan → Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport
  • Departure route: →Dayuan Interchange→ to National Highway 1 and Taoyuan inner loop freeway → southbound to Xinzhu, Taichung, Gaoxiong
  • Nankan Interchange → to National Highway 1 → northbound to Taipei
  • Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport → to Provincial Highway No. 4 → Zhuwei northbound towards Guandu
Notices for those driving to the airport
  • There are designated lanes for buses and cars (including taxis) on both the arrivals and departures levels. Please enter the terminals according to the designated car/taxi lane.
  • On the departures level, both taxis and cars can pull over at available spaces closest to the desired airline. However.
  • On the arrivals level, there are designated parking locations for taxis and cars. Please board and disembark vehicles at designated locations.
  • Parking for extended periods is prohibited on both the departures and arrivals levels. Visitors should drive away immediately after allowing passengers to board or disembark.
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