Airport Map

Peripheral map

In order to facilitate punctual arrival at the airport for travelers, those driving to the airport on their own can refer to the airport connecting roads map below.

Gas Station
CPC gas station
Facilities CPC Taiwan Taoyuan Airport Station
Address No.2, Hangqin S. Rd., Dayuan Township, Taoyuan County 337
Business hours 07:00-21:00
Service number +886-3-3834374
Gas station route

From Airport terminal:
Hangqin S. Rd, go straight to Hangqin N. Rd about 200 meters, turn right onto Evergreen Air Cargo Services Corp.

From Dayuan Township, Sanmin Rd:
Sanmin Rd towards the airport, turn left into the airport, about 200 meters turn left at the Evergreen Air Cargo Services Corp.

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