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Terminal 3 area main terminal civil engineering manufacturer’s briefing
"Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 3 Area Main Terminal Civil Engineering" Manufacturers' Briefing welcomes all sectors to participate in the grand event


Taoyuan International Airport’s "Terminal 3 Area Main Terminal Civil Engineering" Qualification Bidding has been announced online on May 11. Taoyuan International Airport Corporation will be holding two briefing sessions at 10:00 am and 2:00 pm on May 28 (Thursday) in the 1019 conference room on the 1st floor of Terminal 2. Registration is open today and will close at 5:00 pm on May 26. All are welcome to sign up for the grand event and offer valuable advice.

In order to smoothly promote the related construction of Terminal 3, the Executive Yuan and the Ministry of Transportation and Communications invited external experts and scholars to conduct thorough reviews in 6 and 16 project meetings respectively over the course of six months. After a team of value engineering experts assisted in conducting verification, the design concept of the original winning international proposal was retained, and an overall optimization plan that takes into account market acceptance and national image was proposed while taking into consideration the principles of reducing construction difficulty and maintenance risk. Based on the project content and reasonable market conditions, the project cost was increased to more than NT$44.53 billion. The hyperboloid wavy roof and the cloud top ceiling shape were retained, the international proposal design concept was maintained, and the 817 sets of skylights and modular structures on the roof of the terminal were canceled, reducing weight by about 11,000 tons, while some floor slabs were converted to steel deck construction, reducing the demand for formwork workers, etc. The project is scheduled to be completed in three stages in line with operational maintenance needs, extending the total construction period to 60 months, and specifically responding to past manufacturer concerns about the difficulty and risk of certain construction works.

In addition, in order to pragmatically measure the current market environment and the characteristics of airport construction, the Executive Yuan has coordinated the Ministry of Labor to amend the employment regulations for foreign construction workers, and the Ministry of Transportation and Communications has assisted Taoyuan International Airport Corporation to apply for relaxation of foreign construction workforce percentage (from 40% to 80%) as a special case. The case has been approved by the Executive Yuan, and the project will be able to employ some 2,400 foreign workers. At the same time, the Civil Aviation Administration of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications also assisted in the planning and provision of more convenient land in zone A3 on the west side of the airport (about 1 km away from the site and not within the scope of the restricted area) for the establishment of worker accommodation buildings and material storage yard, effectively resolving issues such as labor accommodations, construction flow, and personnel entry and exit. To reduce the burden on manufacturers for preparing bids, bidding for this project has also been changed to selective bidding. For the first stage of qualification bids, the manufacturers only need to submit the qualification documents first, and no substantial cost is required to prepare the bids. In addition, in order to reduce the financial pressure of the manufacturers, administrative price estimation frequency has been changed to once every half month during the construction period.

In order to cope with epidemic prevention, real-name registration is adopted for this briefing session. Each session is limited to 40 people, and each entity may delegate only 2 representatives to participate. All attending persons must wear masks and adopt crisscross seating due to social distancing requirements. Please also cooperate with the airport in the implementation of the access control temperature measurement operations and fill in the health declaration. Due to limited seats in the venue, TIAC will flexibly increase the number of sessions depending on the registration status (registration time is until 5:00 pm on May 26). To register, please scan the QR code and fill in the registration form, or go to the following website to register:



Terminal 3 area main terminal civil engineering tendering announcement
"Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 3 Main Terminal Civil Engineering Project" Selective Tender Announcement

The company’s procurement for the “Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 3 Main Terminal Civil Engineering Project” was officially announced online on May 11, 2020, and we sincerely invite qualified manufacturers to bid. If you have doubts about the content of the bid, please contact TIAC in writing to clarify your doubts. The bidding announcement information is as follows:

Agency name: Taoyuan International Airport Corporation

Agency address: No. 9, Hangzhan South Road, Dayuan District, Taoyuan City 33758

Tender case number: 109-1-00027

Name of bid: Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 3 Main Terminal Civil Engineering Project

Tender status: First selective bidding-qualification review announcement

Bid award method: Most advantageous tender

Announcement date: 2020/05/11

Deadline for bidding: 2020/08/07 10:00 AM

Tender opening time: 2020/08/07 2:00 PM

Tender opening location: Meeting Room 4110, 4F, Terminal 2, No. 9, Hangzhan South Road, Dayuan City, Taoyuan City 33758

For complete bidding documents, please refer to the Government Electronic Procurement Network of the Public Construction Commission of the Executive Yuan

Terminal 3 area project traffic flow maintenance
Daily flights at Taoyuan Airport--Phase 3 traffic diversion


In response to construction of the main terminal infrastructure for the Terminal 3 Construction Project of Taoyuan International Airport, the transportation route for driving into the airport via the national freeway will be adjusted from April of this year (2019). All drivers proceeding to Terminals 1 and 2 of the airport via the national freeway should drive carefully according to the traffic signs. Travelers going abroad are also advised to leave early and take public transportation as much as possible to avoid delays.

To cooperate with the closed construction of the existing Hangzhan South and North roads in the surrounding sections of the Terminal 3area, phase X of the traffic maintenance project will be from April to August 2019. Vehicles entering and leaving the airport on the national freeway will be diverted to south of the existing Hangzhan South Road where two-way traffic with 3 lanes each (as shown in Figures 1 and 2) will be maintained. After construction works on the affected roads are completed, the original traffic flow of south entry (entering the airport from the national highway via Hangzhan South Road) and north exit (leaving the airport and entering the national freeway via Hangzhan North Road) will be restored.


Figure 1: Construction area
▲Figure 1: Construction area


Figure 2: Temporary turnaround
▲Figure 2: Temporary turnaround


To accommodate the construction of Terminal 3 of Taoyuan International Airport, TIAC launched the "Terminal 3 Construction Project" in May 2017. After completion, a brand-new modern terminal and six new parking bays that can dock A-380 wide-body aircrafts (Category F) will be added (approximately 30 additional parking bays in total), greatly improving the overall operational efficiency of Taoyuan Airport.

Terminal 3 area plan

Taoyuan International Airport's Terminal 3 area plan (hereinafter referred to as the T3 plan) is one of the core projects the government is undertaking to promote the development of the Taoyuan Aerotropolis. In terms of construction scale and investment capital, the T3 plan is the single largest domestic project since the Ten Major Construction Projects in the 1970s.

For details, please refer to TIAC’s Terminal 3 area construction plan webpage

Taoyuan International Airport Corporation (hereinafter referred to as TIAC) drafted the "Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Park Implementation Plan" in accordance with the results of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications' "Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Park Master Plan", which was approved by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications on June 28, 2012. The short-term goal is to improve the various service standards of Taoyuan Airport, develop the T3 plan, and build a world-class passenger terminal with macro perspectives and forward thinking to create better airport services and passenger experience.

Since January 2013, an international professional team composed of three companies, namely, Netherlands Airport Consultants (NACO), TY Lin Engineering Consultants Co., Ltd. and Parsons Brinckerhoff JV which have been appointed as the general consultants of this project to handle the comprehensive planning and project management of subsequent design and construction phases for the T3 plan. The preliminary planned features of Terminal 3 are as follows:

  • To meet the total passenger demand of the airport in 2042, 86 million passengers, Terminal 3 has an annual customs clearance processing capacity of 45 million passengers.
  • 21 boarding gates are planned.
  • High efficiency taxiways and airside service roads.
  • Convenient and easy-to-understand land-side transportation.
  • The Multi-Function Building (MFB) connects Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 to form the Mega-Terminal concept.
  • Brand new business service concept.
  • Smart, Green, Re-culture serve as the main axis.

Simulated diagram of Terminal 3


In June 2015, tendering of the design and supervision technical services for Terminal 3 area of Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport was officially launched; global architects were invited to participate in the form of an international call for proposals. For details of the process, please refer to "Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport International Call for Proposals for the Terminal 3 Area".

On November 30, 2015, the bid for the design and supervision technical services of Terminal 3 area of Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport was officially awarded. The design team led by Taiwan’s CECI Engineering Consultants took over the great responsibility of overseeing the design and supervision of the Terminal 3 area construction. Team members included Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners, which designed London Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 and Terminal 4 of Madrid–Barajas Airport, Spain, renowned domestic firm Fei & Cheng Associates, and the Hong Kong branch of Arup Group, British engineering consulting company.


Bird’s-eye view of T3
▲Bird's-eye view of T3


Schematic diagram of T3 departure curb
▲Schematic diagram of T3 departure curb


In 2016, the basic design of Terminal 3 area was reviewed and approved, and the project officially entered the detailed design stage. The main terminal design is expected to be completed in 2017, and bidding for some construction works will be announced starting from March 2017.


T3 night scene simulation diagram
▲T3 night scene simulation diagram


TIAC remains committed to promoting the Terminal 3 area construction project. Please stay tuned for future developments and achievements.

WC taxiway relocation project
I. Project origin

Since 2006, the government has been actively promoting the "Taoyuan Aerotropolis” project. With Taoyuan International Airport as the main development axis, the goal is to drive the prosperity of the airport and surrounding land and industries, thereby building a modern and multi-functional aerotropolis. To fully implement the policy, the "International Airport Park Development Act" was promulgated and implemented on January 23, 2009. In accordance with Article 5 of the regulations, the "Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Park Master Plan" (hereinafter referred to as the Master Plan) was approved on April 11, 2011.

According to the master plan, the focus of phase one development of the airport park is to fully utilize existing land for promoting construction. To ensure the integrity of the land between west of Terminal 2 and the China Airlines Park, and to improve the efficiency of aircraft movement and towing, it is recommended the WC taxiway should be moved about 710 meters westward from its current location. It should also be expanded into a two-way taxiway that coordinates with the undergrounding project of Hangzhan North and South Roads.

II. Project content

(1) New construction of taxiways W1 and W2

(2) W1 and W2 taxiway bridge engineering

(3) W1 and W2 taxiway airport ground navigation aid lighting facilities

(4) Hangzhan South and North Roads undergrounding project (including pumping station facilities)

(5) Airside service road engineering (including the airside service roads under the taxiway bridge and across the Hangzhan South and North Road bridges)

(6) Common pipeline underground box culvert project (only the length of about 225 meters below taxiways W1 and W2)

(7) Underground turning road project on the east side of China Airlines Park

(8) Elevated Turning Road Project on the east side of Puxin River

(9) Temporary relocation of public pipelines

(10) Traffic maintenance diversion project during construction

(11) Existing building demolition projects (including the demolition of the Aviation Science Museum, the demolition of gas station facilities, the demolition of the Evergreen Airline Services Factory Office Building, the demolition of the Evergreen Aviation Technologies Parking Building), and other scattered facilities.


WC taxiway relocation and dual-lane project


III. Project benefits

After the completion of the project, the efficiency of aircraft movement and towing can be improved, and the dual-lane will save time for airline passengers and cost savings for air transport operators.

The taxiway relocation project also maintains the integrity of the land used for Terminal 3, so that the boarding halls of T2 and T3 can be connected to shorten walking distance for transit passengers, and a more complete ground transportation center can be planned between T2 and T3. A multi-functional commercial building (Multi-Functional Building, MFB) can also effectively improve the current status of insufficient land-side ground transportation facilities at the airport, activate airport commercial activities, and increase non-aeronautical revenue.

The widening and undergrounding of Hangzhan North and South Roads can increase their capacity and vehicle driving efficiency, thereby saving the travel time of air passengers entering and leaving the airport park, the travel time for pick-up and drop off, and commute time for airport employees, etc.

IV. Implementation status

The plan is divided into two stages, including basic design and construction operations. In addition, according to the construction schedule of the National Expressway Engineering Bureau (agent agency), undergrounding work for Hangzhan South Road is scheduled to be conducted from Q3, 2016 to Q4 2017, and that for Hangzhan North Road is scheduled to be performed from Q4 2017 to Q4 2018.

International call for proposals
"Commissioned design and supervision of technical services for Terminal 3 area of Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport" international call for proposals has been successfully concluded on October 30, 2015, and the team belonging to Taiwan Shixi Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. was selected as the winner


For details, please refer to TIAC's Terminal 3 area international call for proposals webpage

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